Free Mini Course:

3 Videos To Save Time and Make Money!

Creating videos for your business can feel costly, time consuming and overwhelming.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

In fact it can be super simple.

Over our 9 years in business we have collaborated with over 120 organizations, producing more than 2000 videos of all types, from our DIY courses to full-service scripting, shooting, and editing.

With a little help identifying your best communication strategies, we can show you how to bridge the gap and make a plan for getting them done. 

In this 8 minute class we will cover: 

  • What videos are easiest to create and make the biggest impact on your business
  • Simple ways to use video in your business that will show an ROI 

A recent Hubspot survey found that 86% of businesses are using video, and that video has helped increase their customers' understanding of their products and services. So if you aren't making and using videos, your business could be missing out on customers, recognition, and growth. 

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Meet Your Teacher

Beth Klepper

Lynn Davis

Owner, Mainstream Video Production

Beth Klepper started creating videos in kindergarten. With the neighborhood kids as her actors, brothers and sisters as pushy directors and producers, and an 80s-style camera always in hand, Beth discovered the power of video and storytelling very early in life.


She earned her master’s degree in film and moved from those early childhood neighborhood productions to spending more than a decade producing live entertainment and television shows for AXS TV. Beth has told a wide range of stories, producing reality shows, travel shows and celebrity gossip shows. She also produced live concerts for groups like “The Zac Brown Band,” “Def Leppard, “The String Cheese Incident" and many more.  


In 2014, Beth founded Mainstream Video Production, working with more than 100 organizations and creating more than 1,500 videos. Mainstream continues to help businesses increase revenues, save hours and tell their stories through video. Mainstream specializes in full-service production (think storyboarding, shooting and editing) and supports those who want to DIY their videos through Mainstream’s online Video Marketing 101 course.


Beth also teaches Public Speaking and Interpersonal communication at Metro State University.