Video is the king of content, but if you have tried it you know it can be incredibly costly, time consuming and ineffective. This online course takes you step-by-step through the video marketing process to help you create high converting video stories that sell who you are, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a production company. 

ONLY $97!

What is in the Course?

There are 5 Modules in the StorySELLing course. Each module has 2-5 lessons. We cover everything from what video you should make to how to manage your editor and distribue and measure if your video is working. You will have a complete understanding of video marketing and how to use it in your business. 

Module 1:  

  • Lesson 1: Understand Your Audience  
  • Lesson 2: Create a Measurable Strategy  

Module 2:  

  • Lesson 1: Decide on a budget 
  • Lesson 2: Structuring your video 
  • Lesson 3: Visual style  
  • Lesson 4: Production planning 
  • Lesson 5: Hiring your video team  

Module 3:  

  • Lesson 1: Prepare to be on camera  
  • Lesson 2: Maximize your shoot day  

Module 4:  

  • Lesson 1: Prepare for the edit  
  • Lesson 2: Editing your story  
  • Lesson : Managing your editor  

Module 5:  

  • Lesson 1: Putting your video to work  
  • Lesson 2: Batching your stories  


  • Lifetime access to a Facebook Group where each week we share content on what's new in video marketing startegy.
  • Free :40 Minute consulting call with one of our team for the first 10 people to sign up. 

Why Join?

Video storytelling is the most powerful form of communication. It shapes the world we live in and is the best way to tell the world about your products and services. It is, however, only as good as the intention and effort you put into it. This course helps you understand why video works, and why the ones that change lives and businesses can happen for a fraction of the cost.  

This course is for you if you:

  • Made videos for your organization and love what it has done for your goals, and are ready to up it to something more professional. 
  • Love the videos you have made but want to start outsourcing and aren’t ready to pay for all the production costs.
  • Haven’t made any videos, but know video involves collaboration and reliance on professionals.  

This course isn’t for you if you:  

Cancellation Policy:  

Maybe you’re wondering what happens if the course isn’t what you wanted? No problem! If after 48 hours you realize the course isn’t for you, we will happily give your money back. I get it - some things just aren’t a fit.  



Q: I hired videographers and haven’t gotten what I want. Will this course help with that? A: Yes, that is almost specifically who this course is designed for. We want to teach you how to manage the video creatives and experts you hire so they tell YOUR story in a way that speaks to your audience.  

Q: I have a budget, but I'm wondering if it's enough for what I really want to do. Should I just save my money to hire a production company? A: The investment in this course will make you a more educated buyer, when and if you do need to hire a full service production company. This course will help you understand production costs, so YOU control what you're buying, not the production company you hired.  

Q: My team shoots and edits our videos and we are pretty happy with them. Why do I need this course? A: If your videos are doing what you want them to do, you might not need this course. We believe that video is so impactful because of collaboration with the different roles of shooters, editors, producers, etc. By at least understanding each of the roles you are able to make everything better. Even better if you have the budgets to hire them.  


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